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Membership Transfer Application

Nov 21, 2018

Millbrook First Nation (Millbrook Band) allows Status Indians, who are recognized by the Government Canada to transfer their membership to the Millbrook Band.  This occurs through a Membership Transfer Vote, typically held every five years. All Millbrook Band members aged 18 and older are eligible to vote to decide whom, if anyone, they wish to admit to Millbrook Band Membership. If a person is on the ballot but does not receive enough votes, that person remains a Status Indian, but does not become a Millbrook Band Member.  

The next scheduled Membership Transfer Vote will be held January 31, 2019.  

If you are a Status Indian and want to transfer your membership to the Millbrook Band, you first need to:  

  1. Complete this form and declare yourself a transfer applicant. You must sign the form in the presence of a witness;
  2. Provide a photocopy of your Status Card and  
  3. Submit the form and photocopy to the Millbrook Band Office at 820 Willow Street, Truro, Nova Scotia no later than 4:00 pm on December 3, 2018. Forms may also be mailed to:
    Millbrook Band Membership Vote
    P.O. Box 1006
    Truro, Nova Scotia
    B2N 5G7

We will also receive applications by email at

A transfer applicant must receive 50% +1 of all votes cast in order to become a Millbrook Band member. If a transfer applicant receives enough votes, Millbrook will then submit a BCR to Indigenous Service Canada (ISC), requesting the transfer of band membership. Only once this process is completed and confirmed by ISC will your membership be considered transferred. 

Please note that both parents of a minor child must make a separate application for each minor child they wish to become Millbrook Band members. In addition, unless there are special circumstances (i.e. the death of the other parent) both parents must give their consent to have their child’s name appear on the ballot.In the event both parent signatures do not accompany this form, the child’s name cannot be included on the ballot for the vote. 

Any questions about this process can be directed to the Band’s Vote Officer, Ann Marie Augustine, at

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