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Steps for Prior Approval for Millbrook Clients - Travelling to Truro

Jul 20, 2015

The Millbrook Health Centre provided information on medical transportation. The process for outside of Truro remains as always to contact a medical driver for transportation.  If a client wants to drive themselves to a medical appointment out of the local area, they must call Health Canada to get prior approval to submit a claim.  Forms are available at the Health Centre and NIHB website to submit a claim for providing your own transportation. Attached is a copy of the claim form we have at the health centre

  1. The Client or Millbrook Health Centre will call Non Insured Health Benefits (NIHB) 3-5 days (when possible) prior to appointment (unless it is an Emergency Appointment) at 1-800-565-3294
           a.  The date and time of the appointment and the Health Professional’s name will be required
  2. NIHB will ask the client if they reside on or off reserve.  Only clients living in the Millbrook Reserve are eligible for the medical taxi service.
           a.  NIHB may record the postal code
  3. If the trip is approved,  NIHB will process the request and contact the taxi service (Layton’s Taxi or U-Need-A-Taxi) to advise them of the trip information and the travel authorization number
           a. Layton’s Taxi will be faxed an authorization form
           b. U-Need-A-Taxi will be called and emailed an authorization form
           c. If the trip is not approved, the client will be advised accordingly.
  4. NIHB will advise the caller (the client or Millbrook Health Centre) that arrangements have been made and give them the  TA#.
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