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Wind Energy Project under the C.O.M.F.I.T. Program

The Millbrook First Nation is the first Mi’kmaq band to have a wind energy project approved under the province’s COMFIT program. The 6 MW Millbrook Community Wind project, located on private land about five kilometers southwest of Truro, as of November 2014 the project was completed. The band will own 51 per cent of the project, earning several million dollars in equity returns over the life of its 20-year COMFIT contract. The remaining 49 per cent will be owned by juwi Wind Canada, which will jointly develop the project with Nova Scotia-based Community Wind Farms Inc. and operate the facility once it is completed. juwi plans to pre-qualify and prioritize local and Mi’kmaq contractors and work with them to provide educational internships during the development phase, on-the-job training through apprenticeships during construction of the project, and long- term local jobs in operations and maintenance. The company is also working on plans for a fund that is expected to provide scholarships for community residents. The Millbrook project will also provide lease payments to local landowners who host the turbines and pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in new property tax revenue to Colchester County.

“Nova Scotia’s Mi’kmaq have long understood the powerful relationship between responsible stewardship of our natural resources” - Nova Scotia Energy Minister, Charlie Parker

“We’re proud to be leaders as we look for alternatives to fossil fuels and seek out new economic opportunities for our Band, the community, and neighbouring counties. Wind energy is about making investments today that will benefit our future generations.” - Chief Bob Gloade, Millbrook First Nation

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