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Super 8 Motel

Pacrim Hospitality Services of Halifax developed and manages the successful Super 8 Motel located at the Truro Power Centre. Glenn Squires, CEO of Pacrim, says Millbrook's practical business model works well for the firm, one of Canada's largest privately-owned hotel management companies. "We enjoy working with Millbrook and had a great experience with the partnership model, which works to the advantage of all," says Squires. "The relationship is very collaborative and geared to a win-win over the duration of any given project. We have done several quite successful projects with Millbrook and plan to do more in the future." The Band's Economic Development team has worked together for a number of years. An Important component in their decision making has been the ability to collectively discuss options, problems, etc.. and make the right decisions.

“Effective partnership with businesses which provides employment and service to the band community members, Colchester County and on a Nova Scotia wide basis.” -Chief Bob Gloade, Millbrook First Nation 

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