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General Dynamics Partners with Millbrook First Nation in Cole Harbour

General Dynamics Canada moved into its new plant located on the Millbrook First Nation in Cole Harbour. General Dynamics is a major partner with Sikorsky Aircraft and L3-MAS Canada in the winning bid to replace the military’s aging fleet of Sea King helicopters.

Under this partnership, Millbrook First Nation agreed to construct an $11-million building and then lease it to General Dynamics. Millbrook will provide maintenance and administrative services for the life of the contract.

From this new building, General Dynamics will provide software and system engineering support for the Maritime Helicopter Program. The helicopter program is expected to inject as much as $1-billion into the Nova Scotia economy over the next two decades. The Millbrook First Nation is one of 5 companies that will partake in Nova Scotia’s share of this economic opportunity. This one example of Millbrook’s model of attracting businesses who want to partner for long-term sustainability.

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