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Chief Bob Gloade

Millbrook First Nation Chief

Bob Gloade was elected as Chief for the Millbrook First Nation for his third consecutive term. Chief Gloade has served for 6 consecutive terms as a council member before elected as Chief. Chief Gloade resides in Millbrook with his wife Kelly and two sons.

Chief Gloade graduated from St. Mary's University in 1993 with a Bachelor of Commerce Degree with a double Major in Management and Human Resource Mangagement, and Industrial Relations. In addition he has over 12 years experience in the Banking Industry including Account Manager focusing on Small Business, Personal Finance, and Aboriginal Banking. Chief Gloade is also the owner of G & G Home Heating, providing commercial and residential fuel delivery to the local area. In 2005 he was the recipient of the Aboriginal Business of the Year award for Nova Scotia.

Contact Info:

Telephone:  (902) 897-9199 Ext. 127
Cellular:  (902) 890-8558
Fax:  (902) 843-3239

Colin Bernard

Councillor, Millbrook Youth Support Worker

Colin is currently serving his 8th term with the Millbrook Band Council. After graduating from high school, Colin graduated from the First Nation’s Tribal Justice Institute in British Columbia.  Then he received a Counseling Certificate from Marten’s and Associates through Mi’kmaq Family and Children Services and was employed there for three years as a men’s counselor. In 1997 began working with the Mi’kmaq Justice Institute as a court worker until the organization shut down due to funding shortages. Colin received training as a Virtue's Project Facilitator and shortly thereafter became employed by the Millbrook Band Administration as a Youth Support Worker. Coling resides in millbrook with his lovely wife Holly and three children, Sophia, Mattea and Toby. I am proud to raise my children in the community of Millbrook.Colin is currently a member of the Aboriginal Sport Circle of Canada Board of Directors, Nova Scotia Sport Council Board of Directors, N.S Sport and Recreation Tripartite Committee and Seastar Board of Directors, and involved in planning for various activities in the community like Millbrook St.Anne’s and Feast Day, New Year’s Eve Dance (alcohol and drug free) Christmas Staff Party, various church functions and volunteer with most functions in the community.

Contact Info:

Telephone: (902) 895-9468
Cell: (902) 890-4365
Fax: (902) 893-3665

Bryan Brooks


Bryan Brooks is currently serving his third term as a Councillor for Millbrook First Nation.  He is employed with LSK as a Teacher.  He resides in Millbrook with his wife, Rebecca Carter-Brooks and two children Landon and Lauren.  He graduated from Cape Breton University with a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Mi’kmaq Studies and a minor in Anthropology/Sociology.  Bryan continued his education and achieved his Bachelor of Education with Saint Francis Xavier focusing in the Secondary field.  He also sits on the Millbrook Minor Hockey Committee and Coaches Midget at the Native hockey tournaments. Bryan is also the Secretary/Treasurer for the Millbrook 3-D Archery Shooters.  He looks forward to serving the Millbrook First Nation community and working with Chief and Council. 

Contact Info:

Cell: (902) 956-3112

Alex Cope

Councillor, Band Administrator

Alex has been a member of the Millbrook First Nation Council for 12 consecutive terms. Alex graduated from the University of New Brunswick in 1987 with a Bachelor of Business Administration and currently holds the position of Band Administrator.  Alex also serves on  the Millbrook Gaming Commission, Millbrook Economic Development Corporation, Budget Review & Projects Committee and the Millbrook Housing Commission. Alex resides in Millbrook with his partner Nicole and their 5 children.

Contact Info:

Telephone: 1-902-897-9199 ext 102 
Cell: 1-902-956-1584
Fax: 1-902-893-4785

Adrian Gloade

Councillor, Operations Manager of Millbrook Fisheries

Adrian Gloade is serving his sixth term as a councillor for Millbrook.  He is employed as the Operations Manager of Millbrook Fisheries and resides in Millbrook with his wife Susan and six kids. Adrian graduated from Cobequid Educational Center and went on to apprentice with CMHC and work for Native Council. As a carpenter he then took this experience and began working for Millbrook Construction. After working there for several years, Adrian applied and was successful in obtaining employment with the Millbrook Fisheries. He has been with Fisheries for 19 years. Adrian has been volunteering around Millbrook and Truro for different events, and in particular, sports. He has participated and coached baseball and hockey at several different levels and holds his coaching levels in hockey. Adrian has been attending Native Hockey tournaments for the past few years as a coach at various youth levels. Adrian also recently purchased Glooscap Trading post and is enjoying being an entrepreneur!  Adrian is also instrumental, along with other community members, in putting together a moose hunt each fall for teenage youth. Without this opportunity some Millbrook youth would miss out on an chance to practice this part of their culture. Teaching our ancestor's ways to youth is one of the best ways of sustaining our culture and promoting it.

Contact Info:

Home: (902) 893-0457
Cell: (902) 899-5175
Office: (902) 897-0402 or (902) 897-0435
Fax: (902) 895-1994

Peter Gloade

Councillor, Drug Addiction Services

Peter John Gloade has served as councillor since 1995 and is currently the Community Addiction Counsellor. As of June 2012 I am proud to say I am 21 years alcohol  and drug free. Peter is married to his beautiful wife Shelley and has 2 children, Bradley and Leslieann. Peter serves as a member of the Pow Wow Committee as well as the RCMP Committee he is also involved in many more planning committees. Peter enjoys working with all people of the Millbrook Band.

Contact Info:

Telephone: (902) 897-1234
Cell: (902) 890-1671
Fax: (902) 893-3665

Lloyd Johnson



  • Bachelor of Commerce (St. Mary's University 1974)
  • Business Administration

Work History

  • Economic Development Officer, Millbrook First Nation (1977-2012) 
  • Paymaster - Legends Gaming Centre (2012-present)


  • Introduced C.M.H.C housing to Millbrook and processed applications 1980-2012.
  • Spearheaded Treaty Gas operations Truro, Cole Harbour, Sheet Harbour, Glooscap Statue & Cultural Centre.
  • Set up Millbrook's First Health Centre in 1980.
  • Band Councillor 1975-2014 - Re-elected 2016

Contact Info:

Cell: (902) 890-3009

Ward Markie


Ward Markie is currently serving his third term as Councillor. Ward has been married to his wonderful wife Brenda since 1988, they have two great children Roseanne & Luke, and two beautiful grandchildren Alyssa & Grayson. Ward is looking forward to working with Chief & Council to make things better for all of our people. Ward believe that as a strong team we can over come any obstacle that stands in the way of our people, so our band members and their families can have a great future, to stand proud for themselves and our community.

Contact Info:

Cell: 1 (902) 899-1725

Lisa Marshall


Lisa Marshall is currently serving her first term as a councillor. Lisa is an entrepreneur of multiple businesses. She resides in Millbrook with her fiancé Toby and her 3 children Darren jr, Dustin & Lainey. Lisa is passionate about environmental resources issues, fishing and business opportunities. Lisa attained a Bachelor of Commerce Degree from St. Mary's University in 2001.  She also enjoys all sports and is an avid ball & hockey player. Lisa is looking forward to serving her community and it's members.

Contact Info:

Cell: 902-895-0337

Stephen Marshall

Stephen is currently serving his first term as Councillor. Stephen is the proud owner of Mi'kmag'ki Trading Co. . He enjoys outdoor activities such as hunting & fishing and spending time with his amazing wife Susan and their 6 children and 7 grand children. Stephen is Currently employed as the Director of Elders Services at the Spring Hill Correctional Facility. Stephen looks forward to serving his community throughout the next term.

Contact Info:

Cell: 902-986-5145

Barry Martin

Councillor, Social Development Administrator

Barry currently resides in Millbrook First Nation with his wife Patsy, 4 children, 16 grandchildren and 3 great grand children.

Contact Info:

Telephone: (902) 897-9199
Fax: (902) 893-4785

Christopher Nasson

Councillor, Wellness Program Coordinator

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself to those of you whom I have not yet had the pleasure of meeting. My name is Chris Nasson, I am the father of five children, Tracy, Tim, Lisa, Emily and Melanie. I lived in Boston for 30 years, moved to Millbrook in 1993, where I lived for 19 years and presently I live in Truro. I was first elected to office in 2000. I feel with my background and experience I can relate to the issues facing our band members both on and off reserve.

I am presently employed as the Millbrook Wellness Coordinator. I organize many of the events in Millbrook which promote family and community wellness. I am very committed to our community. I am knowledgeable of the day to day operations of the Band. I am informed about the community and I always try to do what is best for all band and community members. 

It is my feeling that over the past years, the Millbrook Chief and Council has worked very effectively as a team and has always tried to make decisions that are in the best interest of the community as a whole. I am proud to be a part of that team and hope that with your support I may continue to work as your Councillor. 

Contact Info:

Telephone: (902) 895-9468
Cell: (902) 890-0567
Fax: (902) 893-3665

Mikey Stephens

Michael is currently Serving his first term as Band Councillor. Michael is also the owner of Sma'knis Trading, which is completely Mi'kmaq owned and operated. Michael opened his business after holding many positions throughout various First Nation communities over the past years that range from the health field to the commercial fishing industry. 

Michael is passionate about his people, Mi'kmaq Rights, and the future success of the Band. Michael received an honourable discharge as a Sergeant from the United States Marine Corps in 2005, and later attended University graduating in 2009 with a BA Degree in Political Science from STFX. Michael currently resides in Millbrook with his beautiful daughter, Honour and looks forward to serving the people of Millbrook First Nation to the best of his ability.

Contact Info:

Cell: 902-305-5569