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Community Locations

Locations in our Community.

Millbrook Band Office

The Millbrook Band Office was developed to meet the administrative needs of the band members. The Band Administration Building was constructed in the early 2000s.

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Millbrook Community Hall

The Millbrook Community Hall was constructed in the seventies and was renovated for the 1982 Indian Summer Games. The Community Hall was made bigger to accommodate the crowd for the fund raising events such as BINGO.

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Millbrook Ballfield

The Millbrook ball field has been in existence for many years. In 1982 Millbrook hosted the Nova Scotia Indian Summer Games and it was then that major renovations were made to the field. New lights were installed to accommodate the evening games as well as bleachers for the fans.

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Millbrook Fisheries

Millbrook Fisheries controls a fleet of eight vessels, 52 commercial licenses province wide and employes over 40 staff members throughout the year. The fisheries have influenced Millbrook community with lasting economic benefits.

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Millbrook Gym

The construction of the Gym started around December, 1988. Among the sponsors for this project were CEIC through the Job Development Carpentry Training Program.

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Millbrook Early Education Centre

The Millbrook Headstart program for the Millbrook Reserve has been in operation since the early eighties. It was in the eighties that the Millbrook Band Council made a decision to locate the Headstart right on the reserve. Before that pre-school children attended the Headstart located at the Nova Scotia Teacher’s College, Truro, N.S.

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Millbrook Health Centre

The Health staff moved into their new building on September 1, 2004.  The Grand Opening ceremonies were held one month later on Treaty Day October 1, 2004.

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Millbrook Senior’s Centre

The Millbrook Seniors’ Centre was constructed in the late eighties by the Millbrook Construction crew. The building was constructed after the seniors expressed a wish to have their own meeting place.

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Sacred Heart Mission Church

The Sacred Heart Mission Church was built during 1985-86. It was designed by Mr. Norman Martin, in close collaboration with the Sacred Heart Church Committee. The church was designed using the traditional design of a Native tepee with 15 poles, each representing an area in the native people’s life.

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