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About Us

Millbrook First Nation

The Millbrook First Nation is a Mi'kmaq community located within the town of Truro, positioned in the Hub of Nova Scotia. Millbrook has used it location to  build the Truro Power Centre for ideal Economic Development opportunities. Millbrook First Nation also has reserve land in Beaver Dam, Sheet Harbour, and Cole Harbour.  Millbrook First Nation has thrived in Economic Development in the past decade, which include the development of the Truro Power Centre, development on the Cole Harbour land (apartment buildings, General Dynamics Building). Millbrook continues to grow and expand with economic development projects, which leads to each and every band member sharing the benefits. Millbrook currently invests 1.4 million into the National Child Benefit Reinvestment and  $1.2 million a year into Trust Funds for our band members under the age of 19. Millbrook First Nation latest Economic Development is the Hampton Inn located beside Legends Gaming Centre off the 102 Highway.

Band Membership

Total:   1,780 approx.
On Reserve:   900
Off Reserve:   880


Total:   340
Aboriginal:   230
Non-Aboriginal:   111

Reserve Land Located in

Cole Harbour
Sheet Harbour
Beaver Dam

Our Objective

Millbrook to be the economic engine for the benefit of Band Members

Own Source Revenue

  • Gaming
  • Fishery
  • Tobacco
  • Tenant Rental - 2 apartment buildings in Cole Harbour (49 & 56 Units)
  • Millbrook Community Wind Farm

Projects to be Completed in 2017

Cole Habour - Gaming Facility 

Truro Power Centre - Millbrook's Strip Mall

Effects on the Local and NS Economy

Direct Input into the Economy:

Colchester/Truro & NS Economy

Over 20 million annually spent on goods and services including:


$ 7 Million


$ 6 Million


$ 3 to 4 Million local and post secondary

Contributions to Band Members including Treaty Credits:

$ 3 Million

80% of these expenditures are made in the Colchester/ Truro area. This does not include purchases by the community members

New Projects

  • Hampton Inn Hotel

  • Millbrook Heritage and Cultural Centre

  • New Gaming Entertainment building(s)

  • Annual Millbrook Powwow

  • Retail and Office complex

  • General Dynamics Information Technologies Limited - Canada Student Loan Administration RFP

  • Housing Development continued

  • Community Event Trips 

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